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5 Reasons You Need A Pain Doctor

reasons you need pain experts

Chronic pain is an overwhelming health condition. For people suffering from it, it is essential to visit a pain specialist for many reasons. Several persistent, chronic pain patients in Arizona prefer visiting their family doctors or general physicians for treatment. However, you have to understand that general physician can only treat this pain to a limited extent. Eventually, they will refer you to a chronic pain doctor.


Well…pain doctors have the required expertise in this field. They have access to certain diagnoses and treatments that other doctors do not have. Specific types of pain cannot be treated without special treatments and this makes the need of seeing a pain expert absolutely vital. In this blog, our healthcare professionals will share views on why seeking medical help from a pain doctor in Arizona can be a game-changer for chronic pain patients.

Here are the top 5 reasons behind it.

Why Treating Chronic Pain Needs A Pain Doctor?

When the pain is constant, it is chronic. It usually lasts for six or more months and requires professional medical care. If you or your loved one is struggling with this condition, it is probably due to some underlying chronic health issue.

Patients often count on over-the-counter medications to get some relief in such cases. Even though this technique provides relief initially, it is only a temporary solution as the underlying condition remains untouched from such medications.

In a few cases, an underlying chronic condition is the result of certain physiological or psychological problems. Treating pain is not possible without addressing these conditions. Pain doctors are trained to work on such issues and offer much-need relief from chronic pain.

They Have Expertise And They Can Treat Different Chronic Pain Problems

When treating chronic pain, understanding the cause of the pain is essential. A pain doctor has proper knowledge and experience in diagnosing the root causes and targeting the underlying conditions. For instance, for an arthritis patient, pain doctors work on stopping the inflammation in joints. If the pain is caused by the deeper problems, pain doctors address them as well. For example, obesity and depression contribute to arthritis. In such cases, doctors offer comprehensive and integrated treatments for each of these conditions.

Chronic pain comes in different forms including headaches, cancer pain, lower back pain, neck pain, abdominal pain, and more. As a result, there are various types of chronic pain conditions. A pain doctor is certified and skilled to treat all such kinds of health conditions.

Furthermore, chronic conditions can co-occur with other problems like anxiety, stress, depression, and obesity. Treating them needs a holistic approach that cannot be performed by a general physician. You can count on only the pain doctors to get relief in this case.

They Can Perform Various Treatments And Therapies

Chronic pain has many aspects. For effective treatment, a unique approach including a custom treatment plan is necessary. Pain doctors can address all such factors of pain depending on the patient situation with the help of their wide range of services including:

These treatments not only address the root of the pain but also treats other chronic conditions caused by constant pain.

They Are Experts In Different Fields Of Medicine

While most doctors are experts in a particular medical field, pain doctors have a great knowledge of various fields of medicine. Chronic pain treatments require the specialization of both functional and interventional medicine. Restoring body functionality in chronic pain patients requires an expert in invasive interventional medicine. Functional medicine works as a complementary factor in interventional medicine. Pain doctors combine both to provide an absolute comprehensive treatment for chronic pain patients.

In Case You Want To Avoid Surgery

Surgery can cause a lot of worry in some patients. In fact, most of them try to avoid it for the same reason. Things like risks, expenses, side-effects, recovery, and more can make people think twice about undergoing surgery or not. Even though such concerns can be reduced if your treatment is in the hands of a reputable surgeon, many consider non-surgical remedies before that.

Pain specialists try interventional techniques such as injections and other pain blocking treatments. If you do not want surgery, you can have a word with your pain doctor to know more about additional options for treatment without needing the operation.

Pain Does Not Go Even After The Surgery

Some mechanical issues in the spine need surgery whatsoever. Once you are done with the surgery, your doctors instruct you on effective pain management and how you can improve your activities.

However, what if the pain still does not go away? In such scenarios, referral to a reputable pain doctor can be the best option. They may try using interventional techniques as your body continues to heal. This delivers better functionality to your body parts. They may also guide you for home-based exercises, massages, and physical therapies to yield the best results in a short time.

So, there they are – 5 reasons to visit a pain specialist in Arizona to get the best treatment for your chronic pain and related conditions. Patients can visit The Pain Experts of Arizona anytime they want without any referral from primary care specialists. You can get in touch with pain experts directly and discuss your pain-related problems.

However, this just does not end here. Before you visit a pain specialist, you should be aware of a few of the things such as what to expect on your first visit and when to see a pain doctor. Keep reading to learn about these aspects.

What To Expect On Your First Visit?

When you visit the pain clinic for the first time, doctors ask you more about your pain symptoms. They may also look at the following:

  • Your medical history
  • Current medications
  • Past medications
  • Diagnostic studies like MRIs scans, CT scans, or X-rays

Get ready to undergo a simple physical exam at some clinics. They do this to evaluate the functionality of your body and the effects of pain on it. It would be great if you have a pain journal and you can carry it to the clinic. It helps doctors to understand the patterns of your pain.

what to expect on your first visit to pain doctor

Following are some question they may ask:

  • Have you ever noticed any other symptoms when in pain?
  • Where does it pain the most?
  • What offers you relief from pain?
  • Do you feel pain at specific times of the day? If yes, when?
  • What is the frequency of pain occurrence?
  • How is the pain – tingling, aching, or dull?

Doctors try to know you and your pain symptoms as much as they can during your first visit. Depending on your discussion, they may get an idea about the root of your pain and what treatment plan to be set for you. If required, you may be advised to undergo specific diagnostic procedures.

When Is The Right Time To See A Pain Doctor?

Dealing with chronic pain can be a tricky affair. It may stay with you for months and even years and you get totally dependent on your family doctor for treatment.

One of the most common complaints we get from our patients is that they waited too long to visit a pain doctor for their chronic pain. Understand that we are not trying to take a dig at primary care doctors. However, this is all about finding the right doctors who are experts in treating your specific condition. If you are struggling with the same question, here are some guidelines to understand what time is the right time to see a pain expert.

Pain Is Persistent

Visit a pain doctor if the pain does not minimize even after trying medications given by your family physician. Your pain condition can be a bit more complex than you are anticipating and need different treatment options.

You Are On Multiple Medications & Pain Still Doesn’t Go

Medications get less effective with time. Pain doctors check what medications you are on and prescribe you the alternatives that offer relief from pain.

The Pain Has Gone But Progress Is Stalled

No one likes to live with pain all the time, even if it is bearable or manageable. Prescriptions from the general physicians may show steady progress in the patient’s health. However, such progress often stops at a certain point and the pain level never reduces from that level.

This can be the time for booking an appointment with a pain specialist. They can offer a wide range of treatments to keep such types of pain at bay. At pain clinics, a customized treatment program is set for you based on your unique needs.

Final Words

Two things are the most important while working with chronic pain patients – the ability to understand a patient’s pain symptoms and in-depth knowledge of pain physiology. Pain specialists are pros in both of these two aspects.

They can integrate additional care programs like rehab, psychological therapies, physical therapies, and more to provide patients with the best treatment program. Therefore, do not think twice if you are suffering from chronic pain. Schedule your appointment with the pain specialists as soon as possible.


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