Common Signs That You May Have a Herniated Disc

herniated disc The importance of your spine cannot be understated—but you already know that. And when an accident or injury occurs that causes a herniated disc, your life can become more painful than it ought to be. Here are a few of the most common signs that your recent injury may have caused a herniated disc:

Leg Discomfort in Various Forms

The symptoms of a herniated disc can begin as mild and hardly noticeable and then eventually end up as a heavy intrusion of intense discomfort in your day-to-day life. Leg discomfort is one of the most common forms that people tend to experience with a herniated disc.

This discomfort can appear as a numb sensation in your legs in general, as well as a feeling of weakness when moving them. It can also appear as “pins and needles” tingles that can go through your legs, feet, and toes—kind of like when your leg begins to regain the sensation of going numb from sitting on it wrong.

Shooting Sensations of Pain

In more severe symptoms of a herniated disc, there can be intense shooting pains that occur. Similar to the discomfort mentioned above, these shooting sensations of pain can happen in the legs—running from one of your buttocks and down through your leg. Likewise, these pains tend to be confined to the same side of the body and can sometimes occur in other areas around the leg. And, of course, pain is bound to appear around the injured disc as well.

A Loss in Range of Motion

As you can imagine, the discomfort and pain mentioned above can begin to reduce and limit your range of motion. This can not only drastically impede on your daily personal and work life but can also cause you to avoid movement by staying in the same position for prolonged amounts of time—which can further exacerbate the pain when attempting to move again.

Herniated Disc Treatment From The Pain Experts of Arizona

If a herniated disc has made your life more difficult due to the symptoms mentioned in this blog, be sure to reach out to The Pain Experts of Arizona at 480-550-9393. With convenient locations in both Gilbert and Mesa, AZ, they proudly offer their first-class services to all of their surrounding communities.


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