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Do I Need Pain Management?

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Chronic pain can wreak havoc on your body. Sometimes, it occurs so suddenly that before you know it, you are dependent on your friends, family, and doctors to carry out everyday tasks. According to the healthcare experts, people often come with one common complaint that says — they waited for too long to visit the pain clinic and seek proper pain management. This does not mean that general physicians are less qualified or none of the use in these cases; however, this article is all about finding the right pain doctor who is expert in your specific pain condition and can provide a comprehensive spectrum of resources to get you the most suitable pain management plan.

Most of us encounter pain at some point in our lives. Sadly, not many understand if their pain condition needs immediate medical attention. It is true that some pain conditions stem from temporary issues and go away on their own after some time. However, this can not be the same as all. In many cases, people adjust to living with chronic pain and overlook the fact that they can benefit a lot from a reliable treatment plan.

But how to understand that you need to consider the pain management plan? Take a look at the following signs to get your answer. Also, read about how a pain expert can get you the best treatment.

You Are Over Dependent On Medication

Many patients visit pain clinics and say that they are able to manage pain effectively through medications. However, our pain management experts suggest relying on medications just to get through the day is not at all healthy. Such overuse of medications can lead to even more dangerous side effects on your body and cost your quality of life in the long run. Pain management clinics can help you avoid this problem by offering a wide range of treatment options that do not have side effects.

If The Pain Does Not Go Away

If this is the case with you, do not think twice about visiting a renowned pain doctor near Goodyear. Pain specialists know how to deal with such conditions and they will try to locate the origin of the pain on your first visit. They may use methods such as nerve blocking or pain mapping to find out the exact cause of your pain. Once they collect all the necessary information about the pain you are experiencing, you will be kept on a custom pain management plan that offers you much-needed relief.

You Are Struggling To Get Proper Sleep Due To Pain

The level of pain varies from person to person and it can be from mild to intense. However, pain experts believe that any pain that hampers your good night’s sleep is severe and it can have a domino effect on the overall health of the patient. Therefore, if your pain condition is not letting you get adequate sleep or waking you up every hour or so, find the best pain experts near you and discuss your health issue with them as soon as possible.

Pain Does Not Let You Finish Everyday Chores With Ease

While it is true that pain goes away naturally in some cases, you should not ignore it if it lasts for more than a couple of weeks. It is always better to schedule an appointment at the nearest pain clinic and get yourself thoroughly checked. A sudden injury can make your life troublesome for some time and this is completely normal. However, if the pain is debilitating for a longer time and prevents you from performing even the basic everyday tasks, that’s not normal. Rather, it is a sign to visit a pain specialist.

You Experience Strange Sensations and Radiating Pain

Pain management experts always recommend seeing a pain doctor if you are experiencing radiating pain throughout your body. However, radiating pain is not the only symptom to look for in such cases. Sensations such as tingling or numbness also indicate serious health issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible. Radiation and those strange sensations can signify where the herniated disc is located or where the nerve might have pinched. Professionals at pain clinics can diagnose such matters within no time and develop a suitable pain management plan to offer your relief from this discomfort.

Why Do You Need Pain Specialists For Chronic Pain?

Pain is a tricky health issue and not surprisingly, it is very common. Pain doctors are authorized to manage pain in their respective fields such as anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry, and more. When relief from your pain seems beyond reach, it is a sign to visit a pain doctor. If you are having stubborn migraines, an expert in neurology can get you the best treatment plan. Similarly, a pain expert in orthopedic surgery can provide your relief from neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, lower body pain, and all other bone-related pains.

It is a common practice to visit a general physician when experiencing pain. But if you do not get satisfactory relief from the treatment even after spending a good amount of time, it is a sign to take the next and the most important step — visiting a pain doctor.

What Does Pain Doctor Do?

Acute pain is common in all of us and it normally occurs to alert the person about a certain injury or ailment so that it can be treated. It vanishes naturally over time. On the other hand, chronic pain never goes away that easily. In some cases, it may start just like the acute pain but last for a much longer time. It can also occur due to underlying conditions in some cases. Rarely, it can come up without any solid reason.

pain management - arthritis

The following are some of the most common types of chronic pain:

  • Nerve pain
  • Migraines
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Cancer pain
  • Arthritis
  • Shingles

Some chronic pain cases may need interventions. It is the expertise and background of the pain specialist that matters when deciding the pain control plan. Pain experts can offer a wide array of specialties such as

  • Physiatrists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Neurosurgeons

It is necessary to do your homework before you visit a pain doctor as finding the right pain doctor can be a game-changer for your pain condition.

What To Expect From A Pain Management Plan?

It is quite natural to have questions in mind if, by now, you have decided to consult with a pain doctor about your specific pain issues. Here is the list of frequently asked questions that will help you learn more about what you should expect from your pain treatment plan.

What Happens At The First Visit To A Pain Doctor?

This is one of the most common questions we come across from chronic pain patients. During your first visit, a medical professional or pain management nurse will review your medical history and specific pain condition. You will also be consulted by the physician assistant and the physician. You may have to undergo personal examination and imaging tests such as CT scan, MRI, and X-rays. Depending on the outcomes of these tests, your pain doctor designs a unique pain management plan. This initial assessment is highly important as it helps your doctor to understand your condition in the best way and develop a customized treatment plan that suits the needs of your pain problem.

Will The Treatment Plan Begin From The First Visit?

Well…it happens in some cases. However, patients mostly get scheduled for a specific treatment plan after the completion of certain preparations. Pain doctors may have a word with your primary care physician in order to get a deeper understanding of your condition and develop a comprehensive care plan.

Is It Possible To Go To Work After The Visit?

There will be some instances when patients may have to take epidural injections or other catheterization procedures. In such cases, it is better to let your body decide if you should go to work or simply take some rest. We suggest discussing this with your pain doctor before you make your move.

Can I Drive Myself To The Pain Management Clinic?

This totally depends on your health condition. If the pain is severe, pain doctors recommend asking someone to take you to the clinic and home back. If this is not possible, most pain clinics offer help to transport. Several pain management processes can lead to numbness, weakness, loss of senses, and other vital symptoms that can affect your driving abilities. Therefore, having someone with you is always a good deal.

Is The Referral Necessary To Visit Pain Doctors?

It is needed for many reasons. The most important reason to have a proper referral is that it helps pain doctors to review your medical history and other crucial data. You can request your general physician to get a referral for a pain management specialist.

Pain clinics effectively diagnose the cause of your pain and work closely with you

Final Words

Pain management plans are specially designed to address your unique pain problem. Every chronic pain patient needs a treatment plan that is tailored to their needs and goals.

Pain clinics effectively diagnose the cause of your pain and work closely with you to find the best solutions such as joint injections, implanted nerve stimulators, and much more.


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