Does Sciatica Ever Go Away?

sciatica Sciatica is the pain associated with pressure on the sciatic nerve, which extends from your lower back down your leg. It is the largest nerve in the body. It is important to note that sciatica is not the name of a condition but refers to the pain, numbness, and tingling associated with injury or pressure to the sciatic nerve. Many conditions can lead to sciatica.

The pain can be debilitating for some and may have you wondering if it will ever go away. Though some cases of sciatica may resolve independently, treatment is usually necessary. Find out more about sciatica and how treatment may help you.

What Leads to Sciatica?

Spinal disorders can lead to sciatica. For example, issues with the discs, the spinal component that helps absorb pressure and allow for spine movement, can lead to nerve damage. Injury to the disc may result in compression of nerves, which can result in sciatica.

Spinal stenosis, another condition of the spine, is a spinal canal narrowing, which can lead to pressure or damage on the nerves of the lower back.

Injury to the pelvis can also influence the development of sciatica, as can issues with biomechanics. You may put pressure on the sciatic nerve if you have a gait that misaligns your hips. Many conditions and disorders can lead to pressure or injury to the sciatic nerve leading to sciatica.

Why Can It Be Difficult To Manage and Treat?

Due to the various ways that sciatica can develop it can be difficult to fully address the pain. Treating the symptoms of sciatica may not necessarily address the root cause. Failure to address the root cause can lead to flare-ups and may worsen the pain.

What Does Treatment Look Like at the Pain Experts of Arizona?

At The Pain Experts of Arizona, we believe in finding the root issue to help deliver lasting relief. Our goal is to engage in progressive treatments with the hope that the amount and intensity of your treatment will lessen as you work with us. For example, you may begin with injections but progress to needing only adjustments.

Our team of medical providers is at your service. We strive to deliver comprehensive and effective care.

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